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​June 2023 - Africa Training Workshop in Econometrics (ATWE-2023)

Title:        Climate Change and Causal Inference

Date:       June 12-14, 2023

Purpose: This workshop will combine lectures on current research in climate economics                 together with an introduction to causal inference methods. Topics in climate                   economics include the social cost of carbon, damage functions and their                         estimation, and open questions in the literature. The causal inference                               component will include an introduction to the potential outcomes framework,                 randomized control trials, instrumental variables and difference-in-differences.

Organizers:     Dalia Ghanem (UC Davis) and Prosper Dovonon (Concordia University)


Format:           Fully remote

Registration fees: 100 USD

Topics and Instructors:

       Climate Economics, Maximilian Auffhammer, University of California, Berkeley

       Causal Inference, Desire Kedagni, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

For more information click here

Important dates:

Deadline for application: April 23, 2023

         Applicants shall provide a detailed CV and a cover letter (in pdf format)

         All applicants must have active membership to the Econometric Society. To                    become member or to renew your  membership, click here


Notification of acceptance: April 30, 2023

For application and registration click here

Note: Financial support is available for underfunded Africa-based graduate students and researchers. You may apply by providing a letter of request and an ID proof of affiliation.

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